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Life is all about enjoying moments whether you are alone, with family or with friends. ‘Spur’ app suggestsyou interesting activities that you can plan to do according to your mood, the timeyou can spent and distance you can travel, it provides you with a list of activitiesthat can be searched on a map, near you or in a city of your choice. Further, it also provides you detailed info about the activity place with directions, contact details to enquire and make reservations if needed.

SPUR… think outdoors….

How it works

You select your mood, amount of time, distance you can travel and press the explore button. ‘Spur’ app generates a list of activities, based on your inputs from a database of hundreds of activities that we have carefully selected. You will even find some hugely interesting activities, which you might not have heard before. Once you click on any of the activities shown in the list, it takes you directly to a map with your current location and shows you places related to the chosen activity. The places displayed are best match to the selected activity.
On the map screen, you can click on the activity place pin, to get more info about the place. It further provides you with the option to get directions, contact by phone, visit website and even mark the place as your favorite.

Location information

It is recommended to allow ‘Spur’ to use your location info to find the activities near to you. Your location info will be kept strictly confidential and would be used only for locating activities near you.However, if location services are disabled, a city should be defined to search nearby places.

Limitation of distance

Even though you chose distance of more than 50 km, the places shown on the map are still limited to 50km radius from your current location. You need to tap on the map again farther from current location, to see places on wider area related to your selected activity.

Share with your friends and family

You can share the activity information and photos through Facebook and twitter. We will soon incorporate a feature for interacting with your friends and family within the Spur app to organize team activities or find partners to do activities together.

Pin it to your home screen

We strongly recommend that you pin spur to your home screen for ease of access

Favorites and featured activities

Over a period of time you might be fond of certain activities you have found through this app. We recommend adding the activity place to your favorite list by clicking “add to favorite” every time you feel the activity or place is interesting.
Also we update the featured activity tab to let you know the most popular activities and activity organizers that publishes special offers. This featured is still under development and coming soon…


We do not in any way interfere in your privacy. Your location information will only be used to facilitate the application to find the nearest activity locations and will not be shared with a third party.


You are encouraged to reports bugs and provide us your valuable feedback through the spur app feedback section or through the website\spur for enabling us to ensure you a wonderful experience using Spur.
Think outdoors…

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